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Surface Preparation

Preparing the surface to be painted is very important. In most cases you can do this by just wiping down the surface with a damp cloth to remove dust, fingerprints or tiny dead insects. If the surface is rough, you should consider sanding it lightly with 200 grit or higher sandpaper. Wipe again to remove dust. Oily marks, crayon or ink can be removed effectively with a light rubbing of …Read More

Picking the Right Paint

Do you save money using cheaper paint? NO, it will cost you more in labor because it will take more coats for an even coverage. Does cheaper paint cost less to maintain? NO, it usually can not be wiped down without smearing or removing the finish. It usually does not have mildewcides, or stabilizing agents to maintain a fresh and clean look. It also usually fades or darkens quickly causing …Read More

The Power of Referrals

Referrals make business go ’round.  I am an active member with The GoToNetwork which is a proven example of how the power of business networking can help any business grow.  Not only have I been able to get and give leads that have resulted in some of my best clients, but through attending weekly meetings, I have learned new business practices that have helped my business reach our goals.  Each week …Read More